Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hey Kandace here!
Im so happy.First of all i have a really cool person angie,co owning my site so cool.And shes really cool i couldnt live with out her already she has really huge plans.I bet your wondering what site im from lols.http://www.pinkillusions.vze.com lolz.Well anywayz im going to redo my menu you know,And im going to try to get pictures of me up on the site ya know i have to do it big lol.Well anyways i was hopeing to have a better site than this hosting my blog ya know but i guess it aint that bad.They just need more really cool templates so yea.And me and my gurl vikki are goin to diz party on DD and im so happy.I cant wait.Its on the palace i wont go into detail just ask me if you dont know what it is lol.Anywayz well me and my "ex" arent fighting anymore lolz.GO KANDI GO.roflz.datz hwo we do it wurr im from chillin wiv da ex until i see da sun shine ROFLZ.omgz i scare muh self sumtymez anywayz back to working on my site

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